Sunday, February 22, 2009

Favorite Links

All links below should open up in a new window. - A great forum for research and discussion. (This forum is operated by The Affinity Group, which owns Camping World, Trailer Life, Motorhome magazine, the Good Sam Club, just to name a few. If you see references to one of these forums, they are one in the same.) - A great resource with all sorts of information. Look under "Features" for another great forum.

RVer's Open Forum - And one more good forum.

Here is a forum devoted to pick-up trucks.

Here is another forum for all sorts of trucks. Click on "Sites" to see Chevy, Ford, Dodge and others.

And here is yet another forum dedicated to diesel powered trucks.

NHTSA Guide to Towing a TrailerMountain Directory - Books and CD of mountain grades on state highways and the interstate system.

RV Park Reviews - A great place to post your review of a recent stay at a private, state or membership campground. Also check for reviews of places you might be planning on staying.

Campground Report - A new site also offering reviews of campgrounds and RV parks.

Below are several sites I have found that show state laws regarding towing. Why so many? Well, for some reason, they vary a little bit from site to site in detail and perhaps accuracy. So use them only as a starting point. If you are concerned about anything particular, I suggest contacting the state's Department of Transportation, State Patrol, or some other agency that should know what the laws really are.
State Towing Laws 1
State Towing Laws 2
State Towing Laws 3

Dump Stations

Here are some sources for towing mirrors:
Power Vision
TTT Mirrors

RV Net Linx - A huge collection of all sorts of RV related links

Rotochok's - A great product to help reduce trailer movement.

The Hughes Autoformer is a good product that will help manage high/low voltage conditions from the power source that can damage your RV electrical systems and components.

The Surge Guard is an excellent surge protector for your RV. It does not manage the incoming electricity like the Autoformer does, but it will shut off the power if the voltage rises or falls below a certain level.

Flying J truck stops.

Find other weigh stations, rest areas, fuel and more here.

Need something to store your electrical cords or water hoses on? Check out the CordPro and CordProXL.

Speaking of cord reels, here is company that sells a reel for coax cable and telephone wire (plus a few other useful products for RV'ers).

Here are two great videos about tires, tire care and how to read the sidewall.

An article for Controlling Sway from Sunline RV.

Taking a road trip? Check out this site before leaving.

Here is a website with some good info and links about hitches, racks and how-to's.

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