Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quieting the Water Pump

Does your water pump make a lot of noise when you open a faucet?

One source of the noise could be how it is mounted or attached to the RV. There should be some rubber between the pump base and the RV

Another source of the noise could be the way the pump is connected to the rest of the internal plumbing.

If you’re not a do-it-yourself handy person, take your RV to a service center and ask them to insert some flexible tubing to the water pump on both the inlet and outlet sides (if it isn’t already there).

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, what you will need will vary slightly depending on how you want to do this. In my case I didn’t want to cut the existing plumbing lines (in case something went wrong with my little project). Here is my setup and what I did to quiet the noise.

The water pump in my trailer is located under the kitchen sink, screwed to the floor. It already had the rubber underneath so nothing was needed there. The supply line from the fresh water holding tank (also right under the kitchen area and below the water pump) is about a 1” white flexible tubing, so nothing needed here. But the outlet side of the water pump was connected to the rigid plumbing, which is where the noise was coming from.

With a visit to my local Home Depot, I picked up the parts I would need. I purchased a 20" braided water faucet line and a Watts 1/2" nipple (#A-835). I wrapped both ends of the brass nipple with teflon tape and screwed one end into the faucet line.

Since the water pump was going to have to be relocated slightly, I unscrewed the pump from the floor and disconnected the outlet side. Then I wrapped the outlet nipple with some teflon tape and screwed the end of the faucet line without the nipple on it to the water pump, screwed the other end with the nipple to the existing trailer pipe fitting and screwed the pump back onto the floor

If your water pump has rigid pipe/tubing coming from the holding tank, you can do something similar with more flexible tubing and a few different fittings.

Below are some photos of this project.

BrassCraft braided faucet line, 20"Watts 1/2" nipple (#A-835

The finished project

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